Welcome to Summer Camp Chefs!

Summer Camp Chefs is a website that brings Summer Camps together with Chefs who are looking for a summer job. Camps are able to post their open positions on our Job Board as well as search through our database of Chefs looking for a summer job. Chefs can search through open positions and upload their resume so camps can find them. The best part is ITS FREE!



Our Story:

The Summer Camp Chefs website stems from College Chefs, a nationwide company that employs classically trained chefs and provides food service for fraternities & sororities. Given the seasonal nature of the industry, many of their ROCK STAR chefs are available to work during the summer. Summer Camp Chefs' mission is to create a place where Summer Camps and chefs looking for Summer work can meet. Summer Camp Chefs is also supported by Chef Placement Services (CPS), a sister-company to College Chefs that places professional chefs in restaurants, hotels, and resorts around the world. CPS has the largest database of chefs in the United States as well as hundreds of open culinary positions around the country! CPS does do seasonal placements that are of a premium nature including full vetting of candidates, consulting, and other services. If you are looking for a premium placement please contact the folks at CPS.